This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Click and Focus

Executes mouse events (various clicks and mouse overs) based on x to y location. (Full screen tool)

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  • Usage notes are illustrated below.

Left Text Bubble

  • Partial screenshot does NOT work.
  • You can choose mouse event from  single, double, or right clicks, or simple move the mouse over to the position.
  • Click action can be chosen from down-and-up, down, and up only. Down click at one position and up click at another can set hold(drag) moves.

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  • Always use full screenshot.
  • Base Position: Base position means the position of mouse cursor when this operation executes. Full screen means x=0 and y=0 that is upper left corner.

For activation of your target app, use Select Window.