Release notes for the official ARGOS LABS releases. Each release note will tell you what’s new in each version, and will also describe any backwards-incompatible changes made in that version. These release notes summarize the new features, resolved and known issues, and compatibility. Need help? Contact to

  • 'Scenario Studio'(a.k.a 'STU') is a build tool for a ARGOS Low-code bot.
  • 'Process Automation Module(a.k.a 'PAM') is a software agent to run a bot.

Release Notes

If you are updating from a version earlier than R19.0513, please do not use STU immediately after the update and restart STU completely and update to PAM as follows.

  1. Close the sign-in window to end STU execution
  2. Terminate 'STU Launcher' from Tray menu
  3. Restart STU
  4. Update a PAM if you see the update pop-up
  5. Enjoy RPA life with new STU & PAM !


How to update of STU & PAM

  1. Run STU 

    If your STU (Scenario Studio) is running, please, stop it including 'Scenario Studio Launcher' in tray menu.

  2. Do update of STU when shows up a popup

    About STU updating, it will takes about 2~3 min to create a runtime environment in your PC at first run.

  3. Do update of STU when shows up a popup.
    If the sign-up windows of STU appears, please, close it first and terminate STU launcher at tray menu.

  4. Check out the version of STU and PAM

    STU: You can find a version in 'Help > About Scenario Studio' menu.

    Or, Select 'Windows Key > Settings > App & Features' and input 'ARGOS' in the search box.