This function is one of Verification Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Motion Detection
  • Author: Brad Kim

This is a verification operation to detect both motion and no-motion at the designated area of the device screen and returns either success or failure flag.

  • Primary Features

This verification operation detects motion or no-motion on the screen for a certain duration of time and returns success or failure flag.

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  1. Detects motion in a specific area of screen for a given time duration
  2. Detects no-motion in a specific area of screen for a given time duration
  3. The area to detect motion or no-motion from can be determined with or without any “reference” image on the screen.

How to set parameters

  • : Must start with capturing the target app/system’s screenshot. It also captures properties of the app/system.
  • App name: Capturing the screen can capture the properties of app/system as well. You may use wildcard (*) if properties are known to be dynamic over time.
  • Choose either to detect motion or no-motion in the duration of timeout (sec).
  • : In case of no-motion detection set the time in sec specifically for no movement. In this case, if the no-motion starts at 4 sec into operation, it would return “Failure” flag.
  • Options to select area for detection:
    You can choose to define a area of screen to search from with or without any reference image on the screen. If no reference a coordinate of x,y will be used.
  • Result handler: It returns success or failure like other verification operations.