You can check the scenario items that have registered the schedule, and you can manage the overall scenario usage.

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1. Schedules Overview

  • You can check the currently registered schedule at once.
  • You can set additional schedule by clicking '+ Add' button on the top.
  • You can also add and change schedules in Scenario menu.
  • 'Next Schedule' shows the scheduled time of the next cycle when the schedule will be executed.

(warning) Using the search function and condition filter at the top, you can quickly check the registered scenarios, PAMs' information and the status of the scenario.

  • Find Keyword: You can search on the properties of your particular scenario name, PAM name and date.
  • SCENARIO: You can see the all scenarios you registered. You can select a scenario and check only the list you want.
  • PAM: You can see the all PAMs you registered. You can select a PAM and check only the list you want.
  • STATUS: You can see the list of success and failure separately.

2. Add Schedule

(warning) A Scenario must be added in advance. Refer to 'Scenarios_K' menu for registering a scenario. 

You can add a schedule by clicking '+Add' button at the top.

  1.  Scenario:  Click the dropdown icon ('▽') of the scenario list to select the scenario that needs to be added. If you want to stop, click 'Scenario Pause'. All activities of the Scenario are on pause.
  2. PAM : If you have multiple PAMs registered, you make them to perform for a scenario. PAM registration is available in 'PAM' menu.('Individual' will be deleted.)
  3. Schedule Period : You can set the period time for running a scenario. If not set, the scenario will be operated 'Always'.
  4. Schedule Pause : You can set up multiple PAMs and schedules in one scenario. Checking the box makes the PAM schedule stop only, not the scenario itself.
  5. Schedule Cron Text : ref.
0 7 * * 1At 07:00 on Monday
0 */2 * * 3,5At 0 minutes past the hour / every 2 hours / only on Wednesday and Friday
30 0 * * 1-5At 30 minutes past the hour / at 0:00 / Monday through Friday

3. Schedule Pause and Delete

  • If you click the Stop icon, the schedule is stopped and PAM does not run the schedule.
  • If you click the Edit icon, Schedule setup popup will run and you can reschedule the Scenario.