This function is one of Verification Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Text Match

This is a very convenient tool.

  • Compares image character on screen and compares it to text character.
  • You can set a conditional branching logic depending on the match result.
  • Google and Tesseract are supported as the OCR tools.
  • You can use wildcared (*) and a variable for your reference text.

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How to set the parameters.

Screen capture and extracting the image to run OCR.

Left Text Bubble

  • : This icon defines area from which the bot will search the target image.
  • : This icon captures the screenshot of  the entire display.
  • : This icon captures the screenshot of target app.
  • : Click this cogwheel to open OCR detail settings popup.

Right Text Bubble

  • This icon defines the key (anchor) image which sets the anchor position to the area to run OCR.
  • This icon defines area from which the bot will search the target image.
  • Search on: Define whether you want to run OCR on App screen or Full screen.
  • App name:
    When running on the App screen the property info shows here.
    You may use wildcard (*).
  • Text:
    Enter the text that you are looking for.
    You can use wildcard (*).
    You can use variables.

How to configure the OCR.

Left Text Bubble

  • OCR Library: Choose Google or Tesseract for OCR Library.

Right Text Bubble

  • : Image that is captured.
  • : OCR is being run.
  • : Slider can make the image larger.
  • Learn More: Result shows here.

How to setup conditional branching.

Left Text Bubble

  • Setup Conditional Branching with this result handler. Choose action depending on Success or Failure of your text match execution.

Right Text Bubble

  • This pulldown menu shows you the actions you can choose from for your conditional branching logic.