This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

End of StepEnd of Scenario

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Use these tools for partial testing!

  • End Step ends the step and moves on to the following step.
  • End Scenario terminates the scenario.
  • They can be used in Conditional Branching to isolate operations.
  • They can used for testing part(s) of the scenario by disabling the operations before, after, and in-between.

  • Example of using these tools for Conditional Branching.

Left Text Bubble

  • If the comparison result is true, the bot will execute operation 3 and then move on to the next step.
    If the comparison yields false, the bot will execute operation 4 and ends the scenario

Right Text Bubble

  • In this example, Compare Value is used to set up a conditional branching of the automation.
  • Conditional  Branching is defined here

  • Example of using End Step for partial testing.
    When you have many steps but there is only one you want to test.

  • You want to test only one step.

  • Place End Step at the top of all the other steps.

  • Having [End Step] at the top will disable the rest of the step conveniently.