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Chatwork Notification
(info) 日本語でのヘルプはこちらをクリック

Author: Taiki Shimasaki
This plugin sands messages and files to Chatwork.


    1. Normal messaging to the Chatwork’s chatrooms
    2. Addressed messaging with [To]
    3. Messaging to yourself with unread status
    4. Sending files


    • You must have Chatwork account and chat room(s).
    • You must obtain Chatwork API Token.

(warning) NOTE

This plugin is designed as “Permissive Operation”.  Failing to complete sending message/file WILL NOT stop the bot itself. In cases of failure, error messages from Slack will be the output in the Return Value.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,


How to obtain Chatwork API Token

Chatwork is a business communication platform predominantly used in Japan. Naturally, most of their developer’s documents are written in Japanese.

Parameter Settings  

 (info) 日本語でのヘルプはこちらをクリック

Text from Image

(info) You can use [tags] for the message. Below link will open more explanations as to how to use tags in your Chatwork message. (Available only in Japanese)

  • Please note that [To User] parameter can only take one user. This plugin (API) does not support sending messages to multiple users.
  • You may send messages to all members of the chatroom by entering ALL (case insensitive) to the [To User] parameter.
  • Largest file size to be sent is 5GB.

Return Value

  • Please select [String].
  • Return Value will hold message/file ID or both in JSON format.
  • When failed, return value will contain the error message from Chatwork.
  • Even when the Chatwork plugin fails, the Bot will continue to run.

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