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Q. How do you test a long scenario with [Open Browser] without running it from the top every time? For example, when the operations you want to test are further down in the sequence from the initial [Open Browser]?


- You can insert temporary [Open Browser] with a URL to open the target page directly. Allowing you to test on [HTML Action] and [JavaScript] steps that are located down from the initial [Open Browser].


- If the initial browser still remains open, the target page will open with no problem using [Open Browser] as browser holds the logged-in status. In this case, make sure that 'Close browser automatically' in the initial [Open Browser] Properties is unchecked.


- When logins are needed, there is a way to use [PySelenium] to pass on "cookies" with login information but this method requires some Python and Selenium skills.


- The function that passes on "cookies" with login information in [Open Browser] is not currently supported in ARGOS.


- Those un-needed operations in between the first [Open Browser] and the operations under test can be 'disabled(skipped)' to speed up the test cycle.

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