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Title:  AVAST and other antivirus software sometimes delete ARGOS Low-code files casing installation and execution to fail

Q.  What do I do to stop my antivirus software to delete ARGOS Low-code files. I am using AVAST.

A. It is one of those false positives of antivirus software. Antivirus software companies like AVAST are very much aware of this situation and they have prepared a way to workaround it.

Typically, what happens is that AVAST's realtime quarantine feature deletes one of ARGOS Low-code's execution files such as alabs_ppm.exe which the bots need to set up a Python virtual environment. For this kind of issue, the antivirus software usually has a way to register "exempt" from the realtime quarantine.
In case of AVAST, please register 2 of ARGOS folders in its Exception section --- as shown in the screenshot below.

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