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Title: Run Program does not work

Q.  Run Program in my bot is not working. What could be the problem?

A.  When you are starting an application, please make sure your application name is the correct one in the Windows environment. For example, to open MS Word, you must use winword as opposed to just word or msword because winword is the official name of the execution program of MS Word. Same thing goes for MS Paint. Instead of using paint, you must use mspaint to call for the program.

When you are opening a file which contains space(s) in its file name or path, always try to start with the application name like - 
Code Block
notepad c:\User\argos\Desktop\space folder\space file.txt
or use double quotations like -
Code Block
"c:\User\argos\Desktop\space folder\space file.txt"
As Run Program, like Windows, takes a space as a separator.
Same recommendations apply when you are using variables like
Code Block
notepad {{my.a}}
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