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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Excel Formula

Author: Irene Cho

This plugin simply inserts an Excel formula to either a .csv file or an .xlsx file.

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Required Input

  1. .csv or .xlsx file (a full file path or variable which contents one).
  2. Cell ID at which the formula will be stored.
  3. Excel formula itself.

Optional Input

  1. Sheet name.
  2. File path/file name if you want to store the results to a separate file (no change will be made to the original file).
  3. Formula result value (data) to be returned instead of the full file-path.
  4. Encoding format.

Output/Return Value

  1. String should be chosen.
  2. Return Value will be either the file-path or the formula execution result (value/data).

How to set parameters

linkTextText from Image
  • Excel/ CSV File: Input file is either .csv or .xlsx
  • Cell: Input file is either .csv or .xlsx
  • Formula: Type the entire formula here staring with “=“
  • Sheetname: You can save to a different sheet.
  • Save As: You can save to a different book.
  • Formula Value: When checked Return Value contains the formula result (value/data).
  • Encoding: Specify encoding format here.
  • Result type: Return Value (String) will contain the file-path unless Formula Value is checked.

Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed