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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.


Author: Jerry Chae

Rossum plugin sends document and forms (image file such as PDF) to Rossum AI OCR engine in the cloud and returns data in forms of JSON, CSV, and XML.


  • Users require signing up with Rossum for User Account.
  • Users require commercial or non-commercial agreement (such as Free Trial) with Rossum.
  • Users must complete training of the Queue and switch its automation level to “Always”
  • The Assist-o-mation execution environment must be connected to the Internet.

(warning)[Rossum] plugin uses the official API released from Rossum AI  Product names and logos are properties of Rossum AI.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Instructions to Sign-up, Train AI, and change Queue automation status to Always.

  1. Visit Rossum AI website

  2. Sign up to create account

3. Follow instructions at Rossum and create queue and train AI for your form (…quite nice UX actually)

4. After training is done, switch Queue automation level to “Always”.

How to set the plugin parameters

linkTextText from Image

Right Text Bubble

  • User Email: Login ID and PW here.
  • Image File: Specify form’s file-path to be read by Rossum AI.
  • Result Format: Select output format JSON, CSV, or XML.
  • Queue Name: Queue name here – if left unchecked the first queue in the account will be used.
  • Process Timeout: Set Rossum processing timeout here.

Left Text Bubble

  • Keep Doc: When checked, the original form will be kept at Rossum account.
  • Result type: Use File as return value and specify file-path of the output file. It would be stored in the variable for consequential usage.

Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed