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This menu can be checked after ARGOS Supervisor login. On the dashboard, you can see the performance status and results of Scenarios and PAMs. See the details by clicking on the dashboard charts.


  1. Dashboard Overview
  2. Period Settings
  3. Time Range Settings
  4. Status Chart


1. Dashboard Overview

① License Summary. Identify user's resources at all time. It shows current user's scenarios and PAMs resource status ( Active / Inactive) and license expiration date. If you need additional licenses, you can purchase them by clicking 'Buy License'.

② Menu Menu. Dash Board, Scenario,  PAM, Schedules, Scenario-PAM Status, Job History, Plugins. When you click a menu, you can check the detailed data.

③ Time Range Settings. You can set each period Daily, Weekly and Monthly data (1D, 1W, 1M). Also, you can set your own date range.

④ Activity Summary. It allows you to check the all status of Scenario and PAMs that actual active among the registered ones. You can check the number of registered schedules and whether the job succeeded or failed. When you click ' More info', you will see details.

⑤ Graphical Display of Jobs. You can see the overall success or failure trend of the last 24 hours(Default).

⑥ Success/Failure Summary. You can check success and failure status of registered PAM and Scenario in real time. If you want to see the value of success or failure each, you can click on the color of the pie chart. PAM and Scenario graphs are changed as well following the pie chart.

⑦ List of Jobs. You can check the latest list of Scenario performed. If you click on a scenario, you can see details.


2. Time Range Settings

  • Preset buttons are available for 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days as 1D, 1W and 1M respectively.

  • You can also set the date range yourself by clicking the date.
  • In the Jobs graph below, additionally check the date range by dragging.
  • All graphs and charts on the dashboard show only the information for the set period (Jobs, Status, PAM, Scenario).


3. Job Graph

  • You can see overall scenario performance success / failure trends over the last 24 hours (Default). 
  • You can drag the date range and also set the duration by moving the mouse from side to side.

X-axis Jobs amount Y-axis  Execution time

Blue Success Red Failure

Need help?

Technical contact to

  1. Before moving the graph. 

2. After moving the graph. 

  • After moving the graph under the same condition, all data (Status, PAM, Scenario and Job history list) have changed following the period.


4. Status Chart

  • Status: The pie chart displays the total success and failure ratios of scenarios. Select the chart's legend, all data has (PAM, Scenario and Job history) changed following the legend.


  • PAM : All active PAMs are displayed in the bar graph. If you select a PAM, you can see the list of scenarios and job history that PAM performs.
  • Scenario : All active scenarios are displayed in the graph. If you select a scenario, you can see the PAM list and Job history list of the scenario.


Scenario Bar's X-axis means total number of scenario execution times in 24 hours(Default).

e.g The most executed scenario among the registered all scenarios will be based on the X-axis.
 'Amazon Performance monitoring' Scenario' has executed 155 times, the standard bar length is '155', X-axis is automatically displayed in units of '50'.

  • Job history : You can see the latest Job history. If you want to see the full list, click 'Job history' menu on the left. In 'Job Details', you can check details such as 'Start time', 'End time' of scenario and the process as a screenshot.

  1. Latest Job list

2. When click a Job list, pop-up Job details. 

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