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1. Visit
2. Login with Google account when first time to use this console.
   Make sure you are logged in with Google account.

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3. Click “New Project” button to create new project.
     Choose Choose a project or make a new one here.


4. New project.
5. Project name.
6. Click CREATE button.

7. Click “+ ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES” button

8. Search with “vision”.

9. Select “Cloud Vision API”.

10. Click “ENABLE” button.

11. Click “CREATE CREDENTIALS” button.

12. Select “Cloud Vision API” for “Which API are you using?”
13. Select “No, I’m not using them” for “Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Compute Engine?”
14. Click “What credentials do I need?”

15. Type Service account name as you wish (For example “vision-api-admin”)
16. Select “Project > Owner” for Role
17. Select “JSON” for Key type.
18. Click “Continue” button.

19. Download JSON key file.

20. Search “billing” and select “Billing” to set billing information.

21. Click “Link a billing account. 


23. Select Country.
24. Check “Terms of Service”.
25. Click “CONTINUE”

26. Fill out Customer info and Payment method.

27. Shows up Welcome User.
28. Click “GOT IT”.
29. Now you can use JSON key file in “Google Vison API” plugin