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Author: Jerry Chae

This plugin has 4 functions related to file compression technology “Zip”.

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  1. LIST           This function will give you the list of files/folders included in a zip file.
  2. ZIP             This function will compress one or more files/folders to a zip file.
  3. ADDZIP     This function adds one more file/folder to an existing zip file.
  4. UNZIP       This function unzips a zip file.

Required Input

  • l  Pick one function from the 4 above.
  • A zip file (non-existing zip file for ZIP function)

Output/Return Value

Usually choose [Sting] as a return value.

  • LIST           A list of files and folders that are contained in zip file.
  • ZIP             A file path for the zip file.
  • AddZIP      A file path for the zip file.
  • UNZIP       A file path for the unzipped folder.

How to set parameters

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