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YouTube Operation

Author: Jerry Chae


This plugin operates with YouTube’s video contents. The 5 functions include Get Info, Stream Info, Download, Caption Info, and Caption Get

How to obtain Video ID from YouTube

How to get a YouTube video ID from a page URL. You may be watching the video or just happened to visit a link to a video. The video ID will be located in the URL of the video page, right after the v= URL parameter. For example if the URL of the video is:, the video ID is “aqz-KE-bpKQ”.

Here is a YouTube video for easier explanation!

Need help?

Technical contact to

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Input (Required)

  • Operation (choose from below)
    • Get Info
    • Stream Info
    • Download
    • Caption Info
    • Caption Get

  • Video ID
    • Please see above as to how to obtain Video ID

Advanced Input (optional)

There are optional settings for Download and Caption Get functions

  • Download
    • Save File allows you to set the file path and name
    • Stream Index means you can specify a track when the target video has multiple tracks
    • Timeout – when video does not start to download it moves on after specific amount of time (in seconds)

  • Capture Get
    • Save Cap File (.xml) allows you to set the file path and name of the file
    • Caption Index allows you to select one track of captions when the video support multiple tracks of captions (ex. multi-lingual)
    • Extract Text option will create a text file only with text from the caption data


Output (Return Value)

  • Get Info will return meta data of the video in CSV
  • Stream Info will return streaming specifications in CSV
  • Download will return the full path of the downloaded mp4 file
  • Caption Info will return the meta data of the captions tracks for the video in CSV
  • Caption Get will return the full file path of the caption file (either .xml or .txt)

Return Codes


Successful transaction


All non-successful transaction

How to set the parameters

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