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Xtracta Tracking

Author: Irene Cho


About Xtracta –

Xtracta is an AI-based form reading cloud OCR solution.

There are 3 plugins available to integrate Xtracta technology to your automation.

  • Xtracta Upload
  • Xtracta Tracking
  • Xtracta GetDoc

Xtracta API Key and Workflow ID –

You must first visit Xtracta website and make requests for credentials to their partner portal via their contact us link

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Primary Features

  • You can track the OCR process status of uploaded documents in Xtracta workflow and when the status turns “OK” it passes on the status to the Xtracta GetDoc plugin.



  • Xtracta API Key and Document Id or Upload CSV
  • Upload CSV means the CSV file that were created as the return value of the Xtracta Upload Doc plugin.

Optional Input

  • Status check interval (in seconds): Default is 10 seconds.
  • Status check time-out (in seconds): Default is 100 seconds.
  • [Any] is used when multiple Document ID’s are being monitored for status. When checked at [Any], the plugin stops checking the give the result CSV as return value.


1.      Return Value


Headers are    document_id, status, success_time


2.      Result Codes

0          =          success

1          =          failure


How to obtain API Key


Xtracta API Key : In the Xtracta website(, go to

Admin=>Application and copy the key

How to obtain Document ID

Xtracta Document Id:  Obtain from the Xtracta Upload plugin output or at the dashboard of Xtracta workflow


What is Upload CSV

Upload CSV: The CSV output from the Xtracta Upload plugin

How to set parameters

  • Interval
    - Time intervals which tracks the uploaded documents
    - Default is 10 seconds


  • Timeout
    - Max time that pauses the tracking 
    - Default is 100 seconds
    - If the status of an uploaded document is already ‘OK’ whithin timeout, it will break the loop and move on to a next document

  • Any
    - The bot will be stopped when the status of any document is still processing after timeout