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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

View Variables

Author: Brad Kim


This operation allows you to view the contents in ALL the variables that PAM stores at the time. In programming, there is a term “de-bugging”. To de-bug means to find and fix bugs in your software. The View Variable operation is designed just for that. This feature is sometimes referred to as “break-point” in programming terms which pauses the execution of your software again for de-bugging purposes.

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Input (Required or Optional)

  • Nothing required

How to use this operation

  • Just place it at any location on timeline inside your bot where you want to view the contents of all variables.
  • When executed, the View Variables operation will open a pop-up window that shows all the contents of variables.
  • While the View Variable’s pop-up window is displayed on the screen, the bot is at [pause] state.
  • By clicking [x] at the top right corner of the pop-up the bot will resume.


Before deployment of your Automation Scenario (bot)

  • Please make sure to remove or disable the View Variables operation before bringing your Automation Scenario or Bot to deployment