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Q: How do you bring your Auto Rec output to a deployable scenario file?

A: Please follow below steps.

This is a quick and basic procedure to optimize your automation scenario after performing the Auto Rec feature of STU.

1) Give plenty of delays and timeouts: Recommendations are 1 second for all Operations and 10 seconds for timeouts at all Verifications. You can reset them all at once with the tool shown below.

2) Start Apps with [Run Program] or [Open Browser]
a. Open Browser enables the Selenium base automation. This works with Chrome only today

3) Replace [Shortcut Keys] with [Text Input] wherever applicable

4) STU often interprets double clicks as two single clicks. Make corrections as needed

5) Ensure Window’s focus by using [Click & Focus], [Select Window], or [Window Op]

6) Replace hardcoded values with STU Variables to generalize the automation scenario

7) Prepare the input step with tools such as [Text Read] and/or [Excel Simple Read]. If desired [Folder Monitor] and [Email IMAP] can be used to start the bot with a trigger. [Drag and Drop] and other interactive tools can be used to make the Bot to wait for manual input.

8) Set up loop with the [Repeat] tool as required

9) Integrate notification processes if needed

Above procedure will bring your Auto Rec based output to a minimum deployable scenario file. For further optimization, Retry Sequence steps, Exception Handling steps, and Error Treatment steps can be integrated. If you need help, please contact

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