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Author: Taiki S

This plugin converts a text file to Word.

·        Main Features

Converts text files to Word.


o   Word File(.docx)

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1. Parameter setting

  • Basic Settings
    • Text File Path :

Select your text file to convert.

    • Output Path :

Input the path to the output Word file.

The path must be entered up to the extension(.docx).

  • Advanced Settings
    • File Encoding :

Input the text file encoding format.

default is "utf-8."

2. Return Value

  • Result Type
    1. String : File Path(String)
    2. CSV: File Path(String)
    3. File : File Path(String)

3. Example

  1. Convert text file to PDF

  • Text File Path: C:\Users\Windows\Downloads\Text2Word Sample\sample_en.txt

  • Output Path: C:\Users\Windows\Documents\Test.docx
    Execution Result:

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