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Author: Taiki S

This plugin converts a text file to PDF.

·        Main Features

Converts text files to PDF.


o   PDF

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1. Parameter setting

  • Basic Settings
    • Text File Path :

Select your text file to convert.

    • Output Path :

Input the path to the output PDF file.

The path must be entered up to the extension(.pdf).

  • Advanced Settings
    • File Encoding :

Input the text file encoding format.

default is "utf-8."

    • Font Name :

If you use font files, change the font name.

Input the font name to match the font name in the font file.

    • Font Size :

To change the font size, change the value.

    • Font Path :

If you use font files, select the path to font file.

Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc. are NOT supported by the default font "Arial", so you will need to change the font name as well as the font file.

    • Cells Width :

Specify the width of the cell where the converted text will be entered.

However, text is not automatically wrapped by cells width.

    • Cells Height :

Specify the height of the cell where the converted text will be entered.

2. Return Value

  • Result Type
    1. String : JSON / String
    2. CSV: JSON / String
    3. File : JSON / String

3. Example

  1. Convert text file to PDF
  • Text File Path: C:\Users\Windows\Downloads\Text2PDF Sample\sample_en.txt 

  •  Output Path: C:\Users\Windows\Documents\Test.pdf

Execution Result:

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