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Text Write

Author: Taiki Shimasaki




Description: This plugin write text to a file. The plugin supports files like .txt, .csv, and .log. It can handle almost all text editing file formats but some of them are NOT fully tested.

File supported:                

  • .txt
  • .csv
  • .log
  • Other text edit file formats are supported but some of them are not fully tested.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,


Input (Required)

File Path: Specify the full path for the source file (.json or .csv)

                 The plugin fails if no file has been found as specified

String to write: Specify the folder that your result file (converted file) to be stored

                           If no folder the plugin just fails

Write position: Select either to add the string to the front or at the end

New line: Select either to add the new line character to the front or at the end.

                 You can choose not to add a new line character as well


Input (Optional)

New Line Char: Select what special character to be added as new line.

                            Choices are

        • Carriage Return                  \r
        • Line Feed                            \n
        • Carriage Return and Line Feed   \r\n

Encode Format: Default is UFT-8

Advanced Input

File Not Exist:  Decides the behavior of the automation when file name is already in existence

                         Options are : Return Failure

                                               Add (n) at the end

Overwrite:  Write over the file (the contents of the original file will be lost!)


Return Value: Full file-path of the converted file

                        For all String, CSV, and File

Return Code: 0 for success




How to set parameters

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