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Text Read

Author: Taiki Shimasaki



Description: This plugin write text to a file. The plugin supports files like .txt, .csv, and .log. It can handle almost all text editing file formats but some of them are NOT fully tested.

File supported:                

  • .txt
  • .log
  • Other files that can be opened as a text file (not all file formats are tested)

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Input (Required)

File Path: Specify the full path for the text file (.txt or .log)

                 The plugin fails if no file has been found as specified

Lines to Read: Select from below choice

    • Read all lines
    • Read the first line
    • Read the last line
    • Select lines

Line Selection: When you pick “Select Lines” from choices above you can specify the line number in integer.

                           The line number is inclusive meaning if you enter 2-5 it would output Lines 2,3,4, and 5.


Advanced Input

New Line Char: When specified the output would include the new line character.

Encode Format: Default is UFT-8

Return Value: String will be returned in String, CSV, or in File

Return Code: 0 for success


How to set parameters

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