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This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Text Input
Primary features
  • It can either type or paste text strings and contents of variables.
  • It stores OCR result.
  • It can hide password.

Need help?

Technical contact to

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When using variables for Text Input, User defined variables must use User Variable option. However, when the variables are defined in one of the plugins, you must use the Text option.

  • These are User Variables.

 Text from Image  

  • These are Plugin Variables.

Here is the link to how to define User Variable.

  • 3 options of your text string source.

ㆍText : Use this for plain text string or Plugin Variables.

ㆍSaved Text: OCR result is stored here.

ㆍUser Variable : Use this for User Variables.

  • Paste mode vs Key-in mode and How you can hide (encrypt) your input.

 Text from Image