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String Manipulation

String Manipulation plugin is based on Regular Expression. User is required to possess knowledge about Regular Expression.

<Troubleshooting Tips>

Found incompatibility between String Manipulation and Python Regular Expression?

Special handling of double quote (") and backslash (\)

When double quote is included in either Regular Expression or String to handle, you must add another set of double quotes from the beginning and at the end of the parameter string.

Example 1

When your Regular Expression statement starts and end with double quotes


You must add another set of double quotes like below


Example 2

When you have double quotes in your String to handle parameter

90 min video tutorial "Rocket-st1rt"

must become

"90 min video tutorial "Rocket-st1rt""


Similarly, when back slash is included in your Regular Expression statement or in String to handle parameter, then you must add one more backslash to every backslash.

Example 3


Must be annotated like


Furthermore, when you are ending strings with a backslash, you must not only add one more backslash but also add double quote at the top and end of the string and add 2 more backslashes

Example 4


Must become


These irregular rules are due to Command Line Interpreter rules(CMD.EXE) and Python string literals.

Need help?

Technical contact to

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New parameters are added in the Advanced Menu from version 2.1104.1120

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All Regular Expression token sequence can be used with exception of a few tokens that are described in Errata here.

To test and capture Regular Expression token sequences, we recommend to use online tools such as “regular expressions 101”

You can simply test and copy/paste the token sequence from the tool and paste in the plugin parameter section.


Please read when handling SPACE by itself.

String Manipulation plugin is almost 100% compatible to standard Regular Expression. Only exception is handling of "space". When handling space alone as a single character, you must use double quotations around space i.e. " ". 

When space is part of the string you try to find, no need to have double quotation. Examples are , (comma and space), a b (a space b), and a + (a space plus).

Finding space can be also done other tokens such as \s.

(warning) Refer to this FAQ contents when you find incompatibility between Regular Expression (Python) and String Manipulation.


  1. Errata
  2. When using "substring" option.

  3. When you are replacing characters with a space use double quotes " ".


  • toupper/tolower options need Regular Expression box filled with at least one character.

    Reported: September 20, 2019 

    Fix Schedule: Undecided


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When using “substring” option.

  1. Substring option finds a target string in another text string.
  2. It returns the starting position of the target string when found – see example below.
    It returns -1 if not found. 


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When you are replacing characters with a space use double quotes “ “.

  • This is a bug.

    Reported: September 25, 2019 

    Fix Schedule: Undecided

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