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Sort CSV

Author: Irene Cho

Primary Features

  • Sort CSV using column index

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Required Parmeters

  • CSV file
  • Output Filepath
  • Column Index: Column names or index of columns with column type separated by semicolon. Check the ‘Index Cols’ option if you use index. The types of columns are str(string), int(integer) and float and default type is str. You do not have to specify string.

e.g. col1;int, col3, 1;float

Optional Parameters

  • Index Cols: Check it if you use an index as the column
  • Header Rows: Number of header rows. It is only adjusted when you use an index column. The first row is a header when you use a column name.
  • Separator: Default is comma
  • Descending: Sort the csv by descending order

Example of the plugin in STU

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