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Author  Kyobong An


Primary Features

This plugin allows your Software Robot to interact with Microsoft SharePoint solution.


Known Error when using this plugin

Exception: ('Error authenticating against Office 365. Error from Office 365:', 'AADSTS53003: Access has been blocked by Conditional Access policies. The access policy does not allow token issuance.’)

Solution for above can be found in the link below

More information below


Share Point URL: Enter your SharePoint URL

ID : Enter your SharePoint ID

Pass Word : Enter your Sharepoint Pass Word

Site URL : Enter your Sharepoint Site URL

Site Folder : SharePoint Folder. If the top-level folder name is "Documents", write as "Shared Documents".

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Input (Required)

  • SharePoint URL                 Enter your SharePoint URL                         
  • User ID                              Enter your SharePoint ID
  • Password                          Enter your SharePoint Password
  • Site URL                           Enter your SharePoint Site URL
  • Site Folder                        Enter your SharePoint Folder

If the top-level folder name is "Documents", write as "Shared Documents".

  • Operation
    ο Selections of Operations

Folder Operations

File Operations

Delete Folder or File Operations

Warning: Deleting folder will delete all file included and they are unrecoverable

Advanced Input (Optional)

  • Upload Folder
  • Upload File(s)
  • in Share Point
    • New Folder : Enter a new folder name.
    • Files name : The name of the file in "Share Point". (with extension)
    • Files Copy Name : The number and order of the files to be moved must be the same, and the file extension must also be entered.
    • Target Folder : Copy to target folder. Same format as "Site Folder"
    • Using source file wildcard : It helps to distinguish files in a folder using regular expressions.

Return Value

  • String
  • CSV
  • File

Return Code

  • 0 for Success
  • 1 for everything else


Parameter Setting Examples


  1. Basic Parameters
  2. Create Folder
  3. Upload Folder
  4. Download Folder
  5. Copy Folder
  6. Copy File
  7. Upload File
  8. Download File
  9. Delete Folder
  10. Delete File

1. Basic Parameters

2. Create Folder

Text from Image

3. Upload Folder

Text from Image

3. Download Folder

Text from Image

4. Copy Folder

Text from Image

6. Copy File

Text from Image

7. Upload File

Text from Image

8. Download File

Text from Image

9. Delete Folder

Text from Image

10. Delete File

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