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Screen Recording - STOP

Author: Jerry Chae



This plugin will STOP Screen Recording.


No need for Screen Recording Application

The plugin must be used in pair with the Start Screen Recording plugin which installs ARGOS LABS Screen Recorder application in the background

Need help?

Technical contact to

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4 ways to stop the recording

- Use Screening Recording -STOP plugin

- Timeout

- Right click the ARGOS LABS Screen Recorder application icon in the Task Tray (see below)

- When PAM process finishes normally (please note when PAM process gets stopped abnormally, the screen recording does not stop.)

Playback time

This plugin has been designed to give more visualization tools when needing to debug the automation scenario. It is not intended to produce a movie.

The playback time of the video cannot be precise as the video recording application takes FPS and calculates the playback time.


Output video format


Required Input

  • None


Optional Input

  • Timeout

- This plugin will continue to attempt to stop the screen recording for the amount oftime it set here.


Return Value

  • Full file path of output video file (String, CSV, or File)



Result Codes


0 for successful execution

1 for invalid input

9 for everything else


How to set parameters

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