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Below is the list of shortcut keys you can use with STU.

1Save to FileCtrl S
2Save to SupervisorCtrl Shift S
3Show STU logsCtrl L
4Show PAM LogsCtrl Shift L
5Test runF5
6Test run (partial test) Shift + F5(When the operation list has focus)
7Open SupervisorCtrl + Alt + O
8New Scenario (Manual)Ctrl + N
9Copy Operation (Duplicate) Ctrl + D (When the operation list has focus)
10Toggle Enable/Disable Operations Tab (When the operation list has focus)
11New variableCtrl + Shift + V
12Close STUAlt + F4
13Open SupervisorCtrl + Alt + O
14Toggle between Steps <> FunctionsCtrl + Tab
15Open FAQCtrl + Alt + F
16Open ChromeCtrl + Alt + C
17Open IECtrl + Alt + I
18Open EdgeCtrl + Alt + E
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