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To provide a command-line-interface like HTTP capabilities to bots.

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Base Technology


  • REST API plugin is subset of HTTPie It is over 90% compatible.
  • For all questions about the parameters, you can visit this website for answers.

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How to UPLOAD files using the REST API plugin

Please see below as a sample parameter settings when you want to upload files to server with the REST API plugin.

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Tooltips for "Req Item" in the Advance Menu

The tooltip contents is too long to display in the STU screen - for the entire contents please see below.

Req Item
Optional key-value pairs to be included in the request. The separator used
determines the type:

':' HTTP headers:
Referer: Cookie:foo=foo User-Agent:bacon/1.0
'==' URL parameters to be appended to the request URI:
'=' Data fields to be serialized into a JSON object (with --json, -j)
or form data (with --form, -f):
name=HTTPie language=Python description='CLI HTTP client'
':=' Non-string JSON data fields (only with --json, -j):
awesome:=true amount:=42 colors:='["red", "green", "blue"]'
'@' Form file fields (only with --form, -f):
'=@' A data field like '=', but takes a file path and embeds its content:
':=@' A raw JSON field like ':=', but takes a file path and embeds its content:

You can use a backslash to escape a colliding

Below are further explanations using a demo upload server.

The code looks like this ---

As you can see,

URL, form, Post, and files are all reflected to the plugin from a source code like this.

FYI, if you are familiar with Python, you can run a quick test with Python’s uploadserver 1.0.0 and build quick target server.

Return Code

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