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QR Read

Author: Taiki Shimasaki


This plugin reads QR code from an image file and returns the character string data that is “coded” in the QR.


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Supported input file format

This plugin supports;

    • .png
    • .jpg
    • .gif
    • .bmp
    • .tiff

Required Input

  • File path (full path) to the image file that contains at least one QR code.


  • Character string that has been coded in the QR.

Return Value

  1. String        Character Sting coded in QR
  2. CSV          Character Sting coded in QR (see note)
  3. File           Character Sting coded in QR

    Note: When multiple QR code exists in one input file, the CSV will return the character sting one by one.     

Error Handling Options

In the Advanced Properties, you can set how the plugin behaves when reading has failed.

  1.  Return Failure means that the bot will stop and it returns an error.
  2.  Ignore Failure means that the bot will NOT stop and the plugin will return a sting that says “cannot read the QR code”.

QR Code Official Specifications


Parameter Settings

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