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Author  Jerry Chae

Primary Features

The PostgreSQL plugin enables your bot to directly connect and manipulate the Postgres database.

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Technical contact to

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Input (Required)

  • DB Host                                                Host name or IP address
  • DB Port                                 Port number
  • DB Username
  • DB Password
  • Database Name
  • SQL string or file

Advanced Input (Optional)

  • CSV bulk data input
  • Exclusion of # of headers
  • Character set for output                                               default is utf-8
  • Encoding option for bulk CSV file input                   default is utf-8
  • Suppress Warning

Return Value

  • Return value for SQL in String, CSV, or in File

Return Code

  • 0 for Success
  • 99 for everything else


Parameter Setting Examples

Example SQL file

--- insert static records

INSERT INTO foo (name, age)


('nobody me', 100),

(‘foobar', 200)

Text from Image

Text from Image

Return Code

0Execution successful
1SQL errors
9Other failures

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