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PDF SplitMerge

Author: Irene Cho


This plugin has two features on PDF files. The first feature is to split PDF files that have multiple pages into multiple 1-page PDF files.

The second feature is to combine (merge) multiple PDF files into one PDF file.

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  • PDF file to be split.
  • PDF files to be merged
  • Folder path for the result file(s) (optional)
  • File name for the merged PDF file (optional)


  • Multiple 1-page PDF files for the split feature
  • One multi-page PDF file for the merge feature


Return Value

  • Folder path of the output file(s)

“String” should be chosen

Page order when merging.

  • Pages will be sorted in the alphabetical order of the filename


How to set parameters


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Return Code

0Execution successful
1Execution failed

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