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Outlook E-mail

Author: Kyobong An

Description and features

The Outlook Email plugin will operate local MS Outlook application. It has 5 functions listed below.

  • Mail List
  • Get Contents
  • Save Attachment
  • Move Emails
  • Send Mails


  • Installation of MS Outlook is required.
  • Activation of MS Outlook account is required

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Return value

  • Mail Lists: type = str

 09-08-2021 09:53:10,,test

  • Get Contents: type = str


09:53:10,,test,C:\Users\argos\Desktop\bongsplugin\plug-in-test\outlook\get contents\09082021095310-test.txt

  • Save Attachment: Save Folder path
  • Move Emails:  "Successfully moved 0 emails. "
  • Send Mails: “Successfully sending emails.”

Return Code

  • 0 Execution Successful
  • 1 All other responses from the plugin

Parameter settings - Requirements and Options

New Feature added send mail with csv file having BCC, CC, Recipients

1.      Account – Folder – Subfolders

2.      Mail List

3.      Get Contents

4.      Save Attachment

5.      Move Mails

6.      Send Mail

Format for parameters

Text from Image

Text from Image