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Author: Irene Cho 

This plugin uses the official API released from NAVER Cloud Platform.

Primary Features

NAVER OCR plugin quickly and easily extracted texts from images/ docs and returns data in the forms of JSON and image file. 


Users require signing up with IBM Cloud service. User must create IBM Visual Recognition resources and obtain API Key. 

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,


Instructions to create the service account for the OCR service and domain of OCR.

  1. Sign up NAVER Cloud Platform:

  2. . Enable API Gateway:

    Text from Image

  3. Get started the NAVER OCR service :

  4. Apply for the service and agree to terms(

5. After agreeing the terms, create a new domain.

Text from Image


 6. Check the new domain status.

 7. Create a customized OCR resource.

 8. Get Secret Key and APIGW Invoke URL.

Text from Image

  1. Input image                    2. Output image                  3. Output text