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Author: Jerry Chae

Description and prerequisite

MongoDB plugin is based on Python MongoDB/PyMongo. User must have a basic knowledge about the mongoDB solution.

For more detailed explanations, please refer to the link below.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Input (Required)

  •  Function (choose one from the 9 pull-down options)
  • Host IP address
  • Port number

Input (Optional)

  • DB Name
  • Collection Name
  • User ID
  • Password


Input (Advanced)

  • See parameter settings section below


Output – Return Value

  • See parameter settings section below


How to set parameters for different functions

A. Find

In this example, we assume following data (3 documents (records)) is stored in the mongoDB.

A -1. Find all

 Text from Image   

A - 2. Find with one filter

 Text from Image   

A - 3. Find with multiple filters

 Text from Image   

A - 4. Find with "Sort" option

 Text from Image   

A - 5. Find with "Skip" and "Limit" options

 Text from Image   

A - 6. Find with "Projection" option

 Text from Image   

B. Insert

B - 1. Insert one document

 Text from Image   

B - 2. Insert multiple documents

 Text from Image   

C. Update

C - 1. Update one document

 Text from Image   

C - 2. Update multiple documents

 Text from Image   

C - 3. Update with "Upsert" flag checked

 Text from Image   

D. Delete

D - 1. Delete one document

 Text from Image   

D - 2. Delete multiple documents

 Text from Image   

E. Count

E - 1. Count one document

 Text from Image   

F. Collection_names

F - 1. Listing collection names

 Text from Image   

G. List_database_names

G - 1. Listing database names

 Text from Image   

H. Drop_database

H - 1. Dropping(removing) database

 Text from Image   

I. Drop_collection

I - 1. Dropping(removing) collection

 Text from Image   

Return Code

0Execution successful
99Execution failed

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