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MS Azure Text Analytics

Author: Irene Cho

This plugin uses the official API released from MS Azure Cognitive Services.

Primary Features

MS Azure Text Analytics plugin sends documents and/or forms (image file such as PDF) to MS Azure OCR engine and returns data in the forms of JSON and image file.


Users require signing up with Microsoft Azure Cognitive services account (key and endpoint are required).

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,


Instructions to create account and obtain MS Azure credentials. 

  1. Create a cognitive services resource using the Azure portal:

2. On the create page, provide the following information.

Text from Image


3. After your resource is successfully deployed, click on the Go to resource under Next Steps.

4. You can access your key and endpoint.

How to set plugin parameters


Text from Image

Plugin Output

  1. image file(Input img file)            2. Out Img File(Output image file)  3. Result type(Output text)

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