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Lazarus Riky

Author:  Jerry Chae


Lazarus Riky is a pre-trained Lazarus AI document processing solutions. It is similar to RikAI for the set of functions but Riky supports multi-language. It takes any document in 70+ languages and understands the context of it. The input file can be PDF, jpg, and png. Also, you can input your questions about the document – yes, Riky is also a natural language base conversational AI with computer vision and context analysis capabilities. The outputs is in general a text file that contains answers to the questions. As an advanced menu, the API also outputs additional information such as (invoice related) key-value pairs along with confidence level, text’s position coordinates, and size. You can also use a text file to feed a long list of questions.

To use this plugin, you must obtain API credentials from this link

For more information, please visit Lazarus Forms API Documentation page.

Need help?

Technical trouble contact to

May you search all operations,

BETA Release Notification

This Riky solution/plugin is at the BETA phase and not publicly released as yet by LAZARUS. The plugin requires CUSTOM MODEL ID in addition to OrgID and Authkey. Please contact if you are interested in using this plugin.

Input (Requirement)

  • orgId
  • authKey
  • Image File (PDF, jpeg, png, and Tiff

Input (Optional for additional infomation)

  • Questions in File (text file of questions with \n as a separator)
  • Encoding of choice such as UTF-8
  • JSON
  • YAML


Special Tags

  • For processing tabular data (tables and forms) there are two tags.
  • [FULL TABLE] and [TABLE] has to be used in all uppercase letters
  • When you are working with tabular data there you can add [FULL TABLE] or [TABLE] to the question, in order to toggle the model into table mode. In its current state, the model functions best with Korean and Japanese languages. English is non-optimal in its current state, we do not recommend demonstrating in English.

here is an example:

--form 'question="[TABLE]주민등록번호는?"'


Return Value

Answers to the questions in text format in String, CSV, or File

Return Codes

  • 0 Success
  • 1 Invalid Org ID or Auth Key
  • 2 Invalid input image file format
  • 99 misc. errors


Parameter Setting samples

Text from Image

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