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Lazarus RikAI

Author   Jerry Chae

Primary Features

Lazarus RikAI is one of the AI solutions from Lazarus Forms. It is a comprehensive conversational AI focusing on document processing. The solution takes any document (PDF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF) and one or more “questions” as input and returns “question(s), answer(s)” in CSV format as standard output.  The plugin has an advanced menu where users can choose JSON and YAML as outputs for easier processing.


To use this plugin, you must obtain API credentials from this link

For more information, please visit Lazarus Forms API Documentation page.

Need help?

Technical trouble contact to

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Input (Requirement)

  • orgId
  • authKey
  • Image File (PDF, jpeg, png, and Tiff
  • Question (one or more)

Input (Optional for additional infomation)

  • Questions with File (.txt) - multiple questions can be separated by new line (line feed)
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • Encode for special charactors

Return Value

  • Question and answers in a CSV format with headers [question,answer]


Return Code

  • 0 Success
  • 1 Invalid Org ID or Auth Key
  • 2 Invalid input image file format
  • 99 misc. errors


Parameter Setting samples

Text from Image