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Author: Taiki Shimasaki



Description: This plugin performs a bi-directional conversion between JSON file to CSV data and CSV file to JSON data. Frequently, AI-OCR returns their execution results in the format of JSON and this plugin may come in helpful for those who are not familiar with JSON but knows what CSV looks like.

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Input (Required)

Operation:                          Select either JSON to CSV or CSV to JSON.

File Path:                             Specify the full path for the source file (.json or .csv)

                                                The plugin fails if no file has been found as specified

Directory Path:                 Specify the folder that your result file (converted file) to be stored

                                                If no folder the plugin just fails


Input (Optional)

Nested Data Key:             Enter the key (char string) for nested data in the source JSON file.

                                                Please see example below as to how to find the key for nested data


Advanced Input

Encode Format                 Default is UFT-8

File Name                           If wish to specify a file name for the output (converted) file please specify the file name here.

                                                When no file name has been specified the source file’s file name will be used.

File Name Validation     Checks the validity of the file name

                                                Options are

                                                                Return failure


If File Exists                        Decides the behavior of the automation when file name is already in existence

                                                Options are

                                                                Return Failure

                                                                Add (n) at the end



Output                                                 Converted file (.json or .csv)


Return Value                                     Full file-path of the converted file

                                                                For all String, CSV, and File

Return Code                                      0 for success




How to set parameters


Text from Image

Example of Key for nested data (list).

In the below JSON data, there are two “keys” for nested data (list). They are marked with [ ].

The keys are monitors and disks.

  "platform": {
    "machine": "AMD64",
    "processor": "Intel64 Family
6 Model 61 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel"
"width": 1440,   
"height": 900,     
"width_mm": 286,     
"height_mm": 179,  
"scale": 100
  "cpu": {
    "count": 4,
    "percent": "53.8%"
  "memory": {
    "total": "7.9G",
    "percent": "56.1%"
      "device": "C:\\",
      "total": "116.37G",
      "percent": "37.6%"

Then the resulting CSV will look like

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