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JP Holiday


This plugin allows you to check Japanese Holidays information.

This holiday also corresponds to substitute holidays.

Customized holidays can also be added by creating a configuration file.

Main Features.

Check if the date entered is a holiday or not, and output the name of the holiday.


o   Boolean(True/False)

o   String

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1. Parameter setting

Basic Settings

  • Operation :

Select the operation of the plug-in.

    • Check Holiday : Checks if the date entered is a holiday.
    • Get Holiday Name : Outputs the name of the holiday.
  • Date : Outputs the name of the holiday.

Enter a date.

Various input formats are supported, examples include

Sample: "2022/02/22", "2022-02-22", "20220222", "2 Feb 2022"

Extended Settings (Advanced)

  • Include Weekends :.

Select whether Saturday and Sunday are considered as holidays.

    • Not Include: Non-holidays are not considered as holidays.
    • Only Sunday: Include holidays and Sundays as holidays.
    • Saturday & Sunday: Holidays, Saturday, and Sunday are counted as holidays.
  • Add Setting File :

Select a file to add holidays. The file should be described as follows.

Be sure to include "[HOLIDAYS]" at the beginning.

The date should be entered in the same way as the "Date" entry, and the format The format of the date can be left to your own discretion. The format of the date can be as you wish.

Here, the file name is "settings.ini", but "holidays.txt" is also acceptable. Save the file as a text file.

2023/06/19: TestVacation1
2023/06/30: TestVacation2

2. Return Value

  • Result Type
    1. String : Boolean / String
    2. CSV: Boolean / String
    3. File : Boolean / String

3. Example

  1. check if July 22, 2021 is a holiday
    • Date: 7/22/2021
    • Execution Result: True

  2. check the name of the holiday on July 22, 2021
    • Date: 7/22/2021
    • Execution Result: Sea Day
  3. register June 21, 2023 as a holiday and check the name
    • Date: 2023-06-21
    • Add Setting File: C:\Users\Windows\Documents\my_holiday.txt
    •  [HOLIDAYS]  2023/06/21: Summer Solstice
    • Execution Result:

Summer Solstice

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