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HTML Table

Author: Irene Cho


The HTML Table plugin has been designed to extract tables that are designated with the Table tag (<Table></Table>) from a HTML source. After the extraction of the table the output will be formatted in the CSV file format.

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Input (Required)

Either URL or HTML file must be specified as input. If both are present, the URL takes the priority.


Input (Optional)

Table Index

When multiple tables are found in one HTML, the plugin extracts all of them and give indexes as in 1, 2, 3, … and so on. The numbering scheme starts from 1.

In additional to specifying multiple table indexes by adding individual numbers using the + sign, you can also specify the range of index such as 1-3 using hyphen in between numbers.

You may give both individual index and range simultaneously. In this case the plugin takes summation of all of the input index.

String to find

You can also extract table(s) by specifying a character string to find in the table. This option uses the “exact match” scheme for string matching and is case sensitive. If the plugin find more than one table that has the exact match of the character string, it extracts all that contains the string.

Encoding option

If the input HTML file uses any other encoding options than UTF-8, you can specify it here.



Return Value

The table(s) match the input will be presented as output in the CSV format.


Return Code

        0 for success


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