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Google Sheets

Author: Irene Cho 

This plugin creates, reads from, writes to, and manages Google Sheets.

Primary Features

You can create Google Sheet and read from/write to it. Management functions includes rename a spreadsheet or sheet, adding, deleting, and duplicating sheets.  There is also a feature to find and replace certain values in the spreadsheet.


A file token.pickle which stores the credential information of Google API (Refer Google Token Plugin).

(warning) NOTE

Google Spreadsheet ID and Sheet Id.

The spreadsheet id and sheet id both can be found from URL.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

1. Return Value (CSV) headers

 Below 4 operations return CSV as Return Value.

 (warning) Note : the headers are used as “variable name” when you extract data from CSV and they are case sensitive.

Operations                       Column A               Column B                    Column C

Add a Sheet:                     sheetId                  spreadsheetId

Delete a Sheet                  sheetId                 spreadsheetId

Rename a Sheet               sheetId                 spreadsheetId

Duplicate a Sheet            new sheetId        old sheetId                 spreadsheetId


2. Plugin operations and required parameters





Read a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Id

 Values from the cell range of the sheet in form of CSV.

Sheet Range

(e.g. Sheet1!A1:B3, sheetname!A1)

Create a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Name

Spreadsheet Id

Write a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Id

Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Range

Excel/CSV File

*Only accept .xslx or .csv format

Inputfile Sheet

*Sheetname of input excel file

Rename a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Id

 Spreadsheet Id

Spreadsheet Name

Add a Sheet

Spreadsheet Id

 Sheet Id, Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Name

Sheet Id (optional): Integer e.g. 123

Delete a Sheet

Spreadsheet Id

 Sheet Id,  Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Id: The sheet id to delete

Rename a Sheet

Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Id,  Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Id: The sheet id to rename

Sheet Name

Duplicate a Sheet

Spreadsheet Id

Newssheet Id,  oldsheet Id, Spreadsheet Id

Sheet Id: The sheet id to be duplicated

Sheet Name

Find and Replace

Spreadsheet Id

 Sheet Id,  Spreadsheet Id

3. Example of the plugin in STU

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