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Google Search API

Author: Myeongkook Park


This plugin enables your Automation Scenario to perform searches on the Internet using Google’s search engine just like searching via a browser. 

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Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

Input (required)

  • API Key                                                You must acquire the API Key first from Google. Please see below for the instruction
  • Search Engine ID              This is part of the API activation process. See below for details
  • Search Keyword                               Enter word or words just like you enter them on your web-browser
  • Search Type                       Choose between general Web search and the Image search
  • Number of Results          You can specify the number of results to show up in output (up to 100)

Input (optional – Get Process only)

  • Exact Terms                        Limit the results to those that include word(s) or phrase(s) specified here.
  • Date Restrict                      You can set the limitation to update dates – see below for formats
  • File Type                              This is only for the Image search – see below.
  • Exclude Terms                   Limit the results to those that does not contain word(s) or phrase(s) specified here.
  • Site Search                          Search will be performed only in the domain you specify here


  • Return Value (CSV)         
    Headers are shown below




How to obtain Google Search API key and the Search Engine ID

[1] API Key

Step 1

  1. visit
  2. Login to google account which first time to use this console
  3. Click “CREATE” button to create new project

Step 2

  1. New project
  2. Project name
  3. Click “CREATE” button

Step 3

  1. Search with “custom search”
  2. Select “Custom Search API”

Step 4

  1. Click “TRY THIS API” button

Step 5

  1. Click “Get a Key”

Step 6

  1. Select a project. If there is no project, select Create a new project.
  2. Click “NEXT” button.

Step 7

  1. Copy API KEY

[1] Search Engine ID

Step 1

  1. Click “Programmable Search Engine” or Connect URL
  2. Login to google account which first time to use this console

Step 2

  1. Click “Get started”

Step 3

  1. Type*  for Sites to search
  2. Select Your Language. The default setting is English.
  3. Click “CREATE” button

Step 4

  1. Click “Control Panel”

Step 5

  1. Click the button of Search the entire web to turn it on.

Step 6

  1. Click “Copy to clipboard”

How to set the parameters

See example below.

Text from Image

Text from Image

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