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Google Drive

Author: Irene Cho 

This plugin creates or manages the folders and files in Google Drive.

Primary Features

You can create a new folder, upload, or download a file, search specific files, and share a file/folder with another user, group, or domain.


A file token.pickle which stores the credential information of Google API.(Refer Google Token Plugin)

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,

1. Plugin operations and required parameters




Create a Folder

Folder Name: A new folder name. (e.g. Test)

Folder Id

Upload a File

File-path: Absolute path of an uploading file.

File Id

Folder Id(optional):

-The folder id from Google Drive to upload a file.

-The ID can be found from ‘File List’ operation.

Download a File

File ID: File id from Google Drive to download.

File path

File Path: Absolute path to save a file.

File Type

1) File in Google Drive.

2) G Suite Files. (e.g. Google Sheet, Doc…)

Mime Type (for G Suite Files)


Recently Modified

# of file/folder: Default 10

File List

Folder Id(optional): Specify a folder to get the files in it.


Search Query (

File List

Folder Id(optional): Specify a folder to get the files in it.

Share File/Folder

User Type: User, Group, Domain

Folder/ File Id

Role Type: Reader, Writer, Commenter. (only for domain)

Address (e.g.,

*Only the email will be sent when the user type is ‘user’.

Folder Id or File Id

2. Example of the plugin in STU

  1. Share File/Folder