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Folder Structure

Author:  Jerry Chae

This plugin reveals the structure of all folders and files and make an easy-to-view CSV file (text base table). It is useful when an automation scenario deals with a folder which contains many subfolders and files that are dynamically changing. The data from the CSV can be used to efficiently construct the repeat loop.

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Required Input

  • Folder Path (the mother folder or root).
  • Number of layers to be recorded in the output text table.

Output/Return Value

  • A CSV will be returned.
    CSV headers are like below (case-sensitive)







      Index                           starts with 1 (integer)

      depth                           indicates how many layers to find folder/file – root is 1

      subfolder                     names of subfolders in “path” format

      num_subfolders          number of subfolders it contains

      num_files                    number of files it contains

How to set parameters

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