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This function is one of Plugins Operation.You can find the movie in ARGOS RPA+ video tutorial.

Fairy Devices mimi AI

Acknowledgement: mimi AI plugin includes the publicly available API for the mimi NLP AI by Fairy Devices Inc of Tokyo Japan.

Primary Features

Mimi AI includes the following functions.

  1. Translation
  2. Text-to-Speech
  3. Audio Recognition

(info)  Before starting, please access this link to obtain [Application ID], [Client ID], and [Client Secret Code].

The website is only available in Japanese. Google account is required.

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all operations,


1) This is a commercial API and end user will be charged by the supplier of this API after a certain amount of free usage.
2) The user license contract must be entered directly between the supplier of this API and the End User.
3) ARGOS LABS will not be responsible for any consequences either tangible or non-tangible that have resulted from usage of this API.



 Text from Image   

Text to Speech

 Text from Image   

Audio Recognition

 Text from Image   

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