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 Q. There is an error popup after installation of STU.

A. Please check the user account on your PC. Sometimes the user account language is not in English(Korean or Japanese), STU may not be executed. Please add the user ID in English to your PC.

 Q. I would like to delete STU and PAM clean completely then reinstall. What should I do?

A. Delete STU and PAM.(Control pannel Remove programs Delete STU and PAM)

Delete the paths as below, 

  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\argos-rpa.venv Delete Folder
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\.argos-rpa-config.yaml Delete File
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\.argos-rpa.log Delete Folder
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\ArgosScenarioStudio Delete File
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\AppData\Roaming\ArgosRPAUxRobotAgent.V3
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\AppData\Roaming\ARGOS Pam
  • C:\Users\user_pc_name\AppData\Roaming\ArgosScenarioStudio
 Q. Where can I get the STU and PAM version?

A. Please check PAM and STU version in 'Add/Remove Programs' in Control Pane.

Or you can see the version by mouse right clicking PAM and STU each on the ARGOS RPA Service Tray.

  • STU

  • PAM

 Q. After running STU, there was the update popup but I accidentally closed it. Where can I update it again?

A. Right Click on PAM, click 'Check for updates'. You can see update guide.

(Check for updates→ Update)

2차 업데이트 체크 확인.png

2차 업데이트 체크 확인2.png


 Q. PAM is not working by scheduling or On-Demand in Supervisor.

A. Please check PAM status. Run ARGOS RPA Service Tray Service Status → PAM Manager : Star

If you are using LAN, WiFi at the same time, you should add 2 PAMs, (Wired and wireless mac addresses)

 Q. I would like to delete scenarios no longer used. What should I do?

A. After Supervisor login, click 'Scenario' on the left menu bar. You can select the trash bin under Action menu. 

 Q. I am not used to set up 'Cron Text'. Can I see more examples?

A. You can see the more specific information by clicking '?' icon of  'Cron Text'. You will see the example via ''. 

  • Cron Text icon

 Q.I can't add a Scenario and PAM in Supervisor.

A. Please check your license you have on the left top. 

You can check the using resources [Available /Total counts] on the left bar.

If it is not able to add PAM and Scenario, check your Scenario/PAM license.

 Q.I cannot see my Plugin list. What should I do?

A. Please check 'My Plugin' of  Plugin menu. You can control ON/OFF on  the list.


 Q. Is it safe to ignore 'Windows Protected your PC' message when installing 'ARGOS RPA+'?

Is it safe to ignore 'Windows Protected your PC' message when installing 'ARGOS RPA'?


You can see this warning message when the code signing certification is changed. Because ARGOR RPA has been authorized from global SSL certificates company, ComodoSSL, you can install & use without any worrying anything. ARGOS RPA does not contain any malicious code or virus-like code.

How do I do if I see the message ?

  1. Click 'More Info' and check out it was distributed by ARGOS LABS.
    Normal message is like this.

    App: ARGOS RPA+ ScenarioStudio.R19.0723.exe

    Publisher: ARGOS LABS

  2. Click 'Run anyway' and proceed your installation to next
  3. Click 'Yes"  when you see "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"

※ See below movie

 Q. Where is the result of OCR stored?

A. It is saved in [Saved Text] variable which is accessible from Text Input operation and Set Variable operation.

 Q. Why does Text Input not work even when the App windows is showing in the foremost layer on the screen?

A. Being at the foremost layer of the screen does not necessarily mean Windows focus is on it. You must reactivate the App by inserting Select Window operation or Click and Focus operation immediately before.

 Q. How does variables in Plugins work?

A. Upto STU ver. R19.0917, it has three (3) variable schemes. They are 1)predefined global variables, 2)user defined variables, and 3)plugin defined variables. In the plugin, only when you desire a CSV to stored as a variable, you must use the plugin defined variable. In this case, the values are stored in multi dimesional CSV format and you can acces data by a notation as {{group name.header name(row number)}}. In this case, the header name comes from the first row of the data (row = 0). If the first row contains data check box has been checked the header name are automatically assigned to A,B,C,D, as in Excel sheet (in uppercase alphabets). The row number must be an integer.

 Q. STU crashed before I saved the bot. Can I recover it?

A. If you have tested the bot before the crash, the last tested bot is stored in this folder. C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAMEHERE]\AppData\Roaming\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles\TestRun We are very sorry that STU crashed on you. Please send the log to our tech support team and we will try our best to prevent it from happening in the future.

 Q. How to change the default save path?

A. The default save path has been changed from ‘Application data’ to ‘Documents’ since R19.0917.

It won't change with the update, but it will change easily when loading the bot from another folder.

  • Default Bot storage:  %homepath%\documents\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles

It is a folder where you opened (or saved) a Bot at the previous running of STU.

STU always remembers the last folder information. ( stored in Windows Registry )

  • How to change the default save path
  1. Default location: %homepath%\documents\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles
  2. Change ‘Scenario File path’ in ‘Settings > Options
  3. Move the existing Bots to ‘Default location’ and load any Bot into STU.

 Q.Do OCR Library's Google Vision API and Tesseract have different usage criteria?

A. There is no standard to use. You can use anything that is well recognized. But Google Vision API can be used only in internet environment and easy to identify even if more than one language is used.

e.g English + Korean
• Google Vision API : Good
• Tesseract : OK

 Q. What is ‘Duration’ in Shortcut keys?

A. Duration defines the time period of the key(s) to be pressed down. Regardless of the duration, the key stroke is down and up.

 Q. When using Clipping image, what is ‘0’ box?

A. If there are several images that can be found as clipping images in the search location, this function allows you to set the number of images to be based on. For example, if you have the following operation, click on the fourth image of the same images in the screenshot.

The order, Y-coordinate is from the top nd X-coordinate is from the left side. The y coordinate is from the top, and the x coordinate is from the left. Entering '3' will click ③ in the image below.

 Q. When add new PAM on CHIEF, how to find the MAC address?

A. A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique ID assigned to every internet-connected machine that allows it to be identified when connected to a specific network.

To find the MAC address on your Windows computer,

  1. Click on the Start menu in the bottom-left corner of your computer. Select Run or type cmd into the search bar at the bottom of the Start menu to bring up the command prompt.
  2. Type ipconfig /all (note the space between the g and /).
  3. The MAC address is listed as series of 12 digits, listed as the Physical Address (e.g 00:00:00:a1:2b:cc).  Each network adapter (wireless, Ethernet, etc.) has a separate MAC address.

To find the MAC address on your Apple computer,

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Select Network.  
  3. Choose Airport for the wireless adapter MAC and click Advanced (the MAC address is listed as Airport ID).  
  4. Choose Built-in Ethernet and click Advanced and Ethernet (listed as Ethernet ID) for the network cable adapter MAC.

 Q. What should I do if I don't know the column name in CSV entry of the result value in case of result of the plug-in?

A. After checking String value then you can use the String value column name result you want to use as CSV valuable.

 Q.How can I use repeat inside of ‘Repeat’ action?

A. With Arithmetic Op and Compare Value Operation, you can repeat the Operations as much as you want, by calculated numbers from Arithmetic Op and Compare Value Operation.

 Q.The scenario isn’t working Because of App title has been changed, what should I do?

A. App title and App name used in 'Locate Image', 'Image Match' and 'Select Window' can be replaced with wildcard(*), please use (*)in your App title and App name.

 Q.Do I have to use 'Repeat' to check one word listed in String Manipulation?

A. Enter the word you want to find in 'Regular Expression' field as “string1 | string2 | string3 |" to find all the corresponding strings.

 Q.What should I do in case of Image match fails?

A. Please retake the screenshot and set the verification area again. If this process fails again, please delete the operation and reset the operation.

 Q.How can I set 'Image Match' if the setting image changes after setting button?

A. There is a box to select 'Above' and 'Below' from the advanced options of the image match. Set the box to Below and use the disappearing image for verification.

 Q.Java script, HTML action isn't working on my browser, is there a reason for this matter?

 A. You always have to use Open browser  Operation to use those two actions.(both chrome and IE)

 Q.I often use ‘Send Email’ a lot but it’s is annoying that I’ve to enter my mail info every time.

A. Go to settings – SMTP menu and enter your mail info. This process will automatically fill up your send email values every time you add send email operation.

 Q.How can I change all the time out value at once?

A. Change Operation time of Options under Settings menu, the verification timeout of all operations will be changed at once.

 Q.What is the meaning of line in 'Scroll'?

A. Values of '3' is the effect of scrolling down your mouse wheel once. If you want to scroll up, please enter '-3' in scroll box.

 Q. I want to see the pop-up again after checking “Do not show next” in User Params.

A. To show the popup again, simply delete the scenario_sitecode.yaml file. The yaml file path is,

  • If it was Test run, it is saved as Scenario Name_Sitecode.yaml file in STU installation path.

e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\ArgosScenarioStudio\scenario_name_1.yaml

  • If it was schedule running, it is saved as Scenario_sitecode.yaml in the system folder.

e.g C:\Windows\system32\scenario_name_1.yaml

Current changes are scheduled to run PAM with a general account without administrator privileges, so the path of yaml file will be changed later.

 Q. To use 'Window Object' , I need to turn on developer mode. Where do I turn it on?

A. 1) Windows Settings

2) Update & Security

3) For Developers > Developer mode

 Q. Is there a way to see the last test run results of my scenario in STU?

A. You can see the result of the most recent result in 'Show last test run results' under 'RUN' menu.

<Last test run Result>

 Q. PAM and STU did not work because an error occurred. What should I do?

A. Please send us screenshot of Error popup and give us summary of your work to

And please send us of PAM, STU log file by right clicking PAM and STU icon, which is located in Windows services tray. You can send us log file by Send log button.

 Q. Can someone else take over control of my scenario? How can I share my scenario?

A. Please save your scenario with “save as” located in file menu, you can share your scenario with file. But to use bot file on other persons PC, STU must be installed in the other persons PC.

 Q. I tried to type in my scenario with Text input item but some reason it’s not typing anything. What should I check to type in my scenario?

A. We recommend you to add Delay in your 'Text Input' operation. The default value of delay is 0.5 sec but you can enter as many delay time as you want in your scenario. Dummy time before text input can give you stable typing.

 Q. Which operation can use the variable specified in Set Variable Operation?


1. Excel

After assigning Array variable, you can save as many values as the cell range in the variable using 'Excel'.

2. Repeat

You can set number of Repeat using the variable value.

You can use rp.index in 'Repeat' for multiple ids using Array variable. Each iteration uses a different id stored in Array.

3. Type Text

You can also use Valuable in TypeText.


4. Send Email

 Q. How to set 'drag' with 'Locate Image'?

A. When you use [Locate Image] down click and up click to select an area on the screen, you have to do it either one of the 2 ways below.

1) at the origin --- Locate Image - Down
2) at the destination --- Locate Image - DownAndUp


1) at the origin --- Locate Image - Down
2) at the destination --- Locate Image - No Click (mouse over)
3) at the destination --- Locate Image - Up

Need help?

Technical contact to

May you search all documents,

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