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 Q. Is it safe to ignore 'Windows Protected your PC' message when installing 'ARGOS RPA+'?

Is it safe to ignore 'Windows Protected your PC' message when installing 'ARGOS RPA+'?


You can see this warning message when the code signing certification is changed. Because ARGOR RPA has been authorized from global SSL certificates company, ComodoSSL, you can install & use without any worrying anything. ARGOS RPA does not contain any malicious code or virus-like code.

How do I do if I see the message ?

  1. Click 'More Info' and check out it was distributed by ARGOS LABS.
    Normal message is like this.

    App: ARGOS RPA+ ScenarioStudio.R19.0723.exe

    Publisher: ARGOS LABS

  2. Click 'Run anyway' and proceed your installation to next
  3. Click 'Yes"  when you see "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"

※ See below movie

 Q. Where is the result of OCR stored?

A. It is saved in [Saved Text] variable which is accessible from Text Input operation and Set Variable operation.

 Q. Why does Text Input not work even when the App windows is showing in the foremost layer on the screen?

A. Being at the foremost layer of the screen does not necessarily mean Windows focus is on it. You must reactivate the App by inserting Select Window operation or Click and Focus operation immediately before.

 Q. How does variables in Plugins work?

A. Upto STU ver. R19.0917, it has three (3) variable schemes. They are 1)predefined global variables, 2)user defined variables, and 3)plugin defined variables. In the plugin, only when you desire a CSV to stored as a variable, you must use the plugin defined variable. In this case, the values are stored in multi dimesional CSV format and you can acces data by a notation as {{group name.header name(row number)}}. In this case, the header name comes from the first row of the data (row = 0). If the first row contains data check box has been checked the header name are automatically assigned to A,B,C,D, as in Excel sheet (in uppercase alphabets). The row number must be an integer.

 Q. STU crashed before I saved the bot. Can I recover it?

A. If you have tested the bot before the crash, the last tested bot is stored in this folder. C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAMEHERE]\AppData\Roaming\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles\TestRun We are very sorry that STU crashed on you. Please send the log to our tech support team and we will try our best to prevent it from happening in the future.

 Q. How to change the default save path?

A. The default save path has been changed from ‘Application data’ to ‘Documents’ since R19.0917.

It won't change with the update, but it will change easily when loading the bot from another folder.

  • Default Bot storage:  %homepath%\documents\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles

It is a folder where you opened (or saved) a Bot at the previous running of STU.

STU always remembers the last folder information. ( stored in Windows Registry )

  • How to change the default save path
  1. Default location: %homepath%\documents\ArgosScenarioStudio\ScenarioFiles
  2. Change ‘Scenario File path’ in ‘Settings > Options
  3. Move the existing Bots to ‘Default location’ and load any Bot into STU.

 Q.Do OCR Library's Google Vision API and Tesseract have different usage criteria?

A. There is no standard to use. You can use anything that is well recognized. But Google Vision API can be used only in internet environment and easy to identify even if more than one language is used.

e.g English + Korean
• Google Vision API : Good
• Tesseract : OK

 Q. What is ‘Duration’ in Shortcut keys?

A. Duration defines the time period of the key(s) to be pressed down. Regardless of the duration, the key stroke is down and up.

 Q. When using Clipping image, what is ‘0’ box?

A. If there are several images that can be found as clipping images in the search location, this function allows you to set the number of images to be based on. For example, if you have the following operation, click on the fourth image of the same images in the screenshot.

The order, Y-coordinate is from the top nd X-coordinate is from the left side. The y coordinate is from the top, and the x coordinate is from the left. Entering '3' will click ③ in the image below.

Need help?

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