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This function is one of Action Operation. You can find the movie in ARGOS video tutorial.

Execute Scenario 

Author  Benny Park

Primary Features

This operation kick starts another automation scenario saved under the same Supervisor account to run on the same PAM sequentially.

(warning) Warning!

This operation will terminate the current bot and prepares PAM immediately to run the next bot. No operations after this operation will be executed.

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Input (Required)

  • Scenario name (You must have your scenario saved at Supervisor under the same account.

Advanced Input (Optional)

  • None

Return Value

  • None

Return Code

  • None



After the first bot ends, the second scenario starts.

  • In case of using Test-run, the second bot is executed when the Test-run result screen is displayed.
  • In case of running as “ebot” or On-demand, the second bot is executed after uploading the result of the first bot to Supervisor.

If "PAM Manager Service" is ON, when "Execute Scenario Operation" is operating, it is added as the highest priority in the task queue, and the second bot is started by the PAM Manager Service after the PAM Process is terminated.

If "PAM Manager Service" is Off, when "Execute Scenario Operation" is in operation, a separate program waits for the PAM Process to be terminated, and the second bot starts after it is terminated.


Parameter Setting Examples


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